Keefe’s most requested talks:

It’s Not how you start it how you finish: Secrets to Success (60-90min Keynote)

Keefe shares his incredible, life-changing story about his journey from the depths of a Mexican prison cell, to the heights of a multi-million dollar business. Keefe will share some specific ways you will be able to get rid of excuses, overcome challenges and live an extraordinary life.

It’s Not how you start it how you finish: As a Leader (60-90min Keynote)

Poor leadership is one of the main reasons businesses fail. Keefe knows this all too well. Keefe’s poor leadership almost drove his business into bankruptcy. He then learned a few simple leadership strategies that turned a dying business into one of the most profitable insurance agencies in the state of Texas. Have Keefe teach your people these same simple strategies that will enable you to dominate your competition.

It’s Not how you start it how you finish: In Goal setting (60-90min Keynote)

Coming up short on annual or quarterly goals? Keefe has a solution. He teaches audience’s the S.M.A.R.T. strategy to achieve all their goals and dreams. Your team will leave with a specific game plan for attaining personal and business objectives.

It’s Not how you start it how you finish: Sales Secrets (60-90min Keynote to Full Day program)

Tired of Sales theory and want some real sales solutions? Keefe has proven techniques to help your organization increase sales. Keefe has been on the front line in sales since 1998. In 3 years he increased sales in an insurance business 237.58%!! His talk will take your company to the next level.